Meet Soul.Power.Light’s Karen Maloney

Karen Maloney is my name and living a high vibrational, soulful life full of gratitude, compassion, love, light, fun and curiosity is my game! I work as a Women’s Coach, Speaker, Light Worker, Creator, Self-Empowerment and Soul Guide!
On my own journey, I’ve experienced that in order to truly liberate ourselves, step into our light and live our life purpose, we need to turn inwards. We need to learn to transcend our limited thinking, accept and move through the experiences sent our way, connect with our body, follow our inner guidance, release control and learn to surrender to our Divine plan.
Getting to know ourselves (not just on a superficial level) but connecting to the deepest part of ourselves (our soul), and fully accepting and integrating all aspects of ourselves, is the key to our ‘awakening’. Once we are fully awake and truly see who we are, then we can live out our authentic truth and share our gifts with the world. It’s not easy work, but it is the most powerful work we can do.
The process starts with acceptance of what is and an awareness that everything happens for a reason, both for our individual and collective evolution. No one and no thing exists in isolation, we are all inter-connected and co-exist in nature. Once we become more attuned to this, then we can learn to consciously create a more high vibrational relationship with ourselves and others, no matter the circumstances. Doing this helps us to step into true alignment with our path.
Soul Power Light Karen Maloney

“The Way Out is to go Within” 

I can see now that since I was a child, I was always very in tune with my higher self. I didn’t understand it at the time (it still surprises me even!), but more often than not I struggled with feeling like I didn’t ‘fit in’ as I always seemed to be pulled in the opposite direction to the ‘norm’!
But somehow I always seemed to follow when I got the ‘intuitive pang’. I never understood why I was being called in another direction, but I always trusted and followed. And although in my ‘logical mind’ none of the decisions ever made much sense; deep within me it always felt right. It was always scary trusting these decisions because I had to surrender and trust in the unknown, but that’s the only way to find your truth. This has brought me on a deep, mystical, energetic and spiritual path.
A path that has ultimately led to me awakening! It has brought me to fully connect to my Soul (Divine Consciousness), step into my true Power and activate my Light. The magic is though, I’m not unique. This same Power and Light is available to all of us when we undertake our own inner journey and unlock our Light. The time is NOW.
The Power we hold within is indescribable (it has to be experienced to be believed!). We are the Quantum Creators of our lives, but we need to ‘wake up’ to this before we can begin to consciously create our lives. We are both the Director and Main Actor in our life film. Everything exists as a potential in the Quantum field, it’s up to us to bring it into reality.
We are all on an awakening journey. Now it’s my mission to help others, especially women, on this path. The Divine Feminine is resurging, but we have to come home to our body in order to allow this shift to happen. We have to get precious about the space we occupy, both internally within ourselves, and externally in the world. And we must cultivate a kind, caring, loving, supportive, soulful, nurturing, compassionate, respectful and honest relationship with ourselves. Then the magic can begin to happen!

Skills & Achievements

  • Host & Producer of the ‘Curiosity & Consciousness’ podcast
  • Certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach
  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner
  • Reiki & Seichem Energy Practitioner
  • Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner
  • Events Management Skills having worked in the industry for 5+ years
  • Hosted a live monthly Book Club on TodayFM
  • Established BalconyTV in Galway (an online music channel – since ceased)