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“Angels fly because they take themselves lightly” – Gibert K Chesteron.

We are surrounded by angels, divine beings, ascended masters, spirits, guides, among many other names. They are everywhere and they do major work in the world, and major work for us, when called on (we have to ask for their support!). They are divine light beams and are the epitome of fun.

The light that they cast and shine on the world, is within all of us. But like the angels need to be called on, we need to find it within ourselves. Our true spirit, our higher self, our soul is made of this divine light. It’s our true source and power.

Once we start to reconnect to this true light, we learn to take ourselves more lightly. We learn to release unnecessary burdens that we carry. We learn not to take life too seriously. We always feel supported and realise how connected everyone and everything is. We love and laugh more, as well as have more fun. We feel more at ease, both within ourselves and with all life. We release judgement and forgive more easily. We feel more centred, balanced and connected to the present moment (the only time that exists!). We free ourselves of worry and anxiety, and instead switch into acceptance and trust. This and much more happens.

I hear you saying…life is serious. The situation I’m in is X, Y, Z. It’s not all fun and games and lightness!

Yes, this is true. Shit happens.

But every experience that is brought to us, is happening for us (especially the really tough ones). We’re brought what we can handle and these experiences are brought to us, to help us to evolve to a new level of thinking, a new awareness and to ultimately connect us back to the divine light within us, so then we can share our lessons and show others how to do the same.

This, I believe, is the journey of life. When we connect back to this place, we live ‘Heaven on Earth’, feeling whole and complete and overflowing with love and light. This has been my experience anyway!

Have you ever spoken to a person (or read a book, watched a film, saw a documentary…) where the person went through the most ‘traumatic’ experience – lost a loved one, was abused, lost all their possessions, was outcast from their family/community, lost a child, riddled with disease, suffered a horrific accident (the list goes on). Yet they’ve come out the other side and are one of the most incredible people you have ever met! Their love, their presence, empathy, compassion, understanding, light and vibrant energy radiates from them. You have ‘no idea how they do it’.

Well that’s just it. We can’t have any idea, unless we choose to go on the journey ourselves and ride the wave of whatever is showing up for us. We will never just feel or comprehend these things without doing the work and asking to be shown the reason. We need to go with it and look for the lessons. It’s not something that can be understood by the mind, it needs to be experienced from the heart! Human reasoning will never be able to answer these mysteries, we need to embrace divine reasoning.

Below are a few steps to help you during challenging times:

  • Acceptance – always the first step! What you resist persists, if you try to bury it or run away from it, you’re only prolonging the pain.
  • Gratitude – there is always something to be grateful for, no matter what. So look around you and allow gratitude to fill your heart.
  • Surrender – to the moment. Give it over to the the angels, the light, God, the Universe, your spirit guides…whatever resonates with you. Release any expectations of how things ‘should’ be. ‘Should’s’ only add more stress and anxiety. There is no way anything ‘should’ be, they are just the way they are.
  • Ask for help – from a friend, loved one, family member, counsellor, therapist, coach, energy worker and from the angels, God, the Universe, Source (again whatever feels comfortable for you). Ask to be given the support you need and ask to be shown the way.
  • Find stillness – get quiet and meditate in order to hear your guidance. Sit in nature, put your hands on your heart and connect to your breath. Join a class or do it on your own using YouTube or an app like HeadSpace or Calm.
  • Forgive – whoever or whatever you need to forgive – the person, the situation, yourself…do it. It doesn’t mean that you’re saying whatever happened is okay, it means you’re freeing yourself of the toxicity so you can allow yourself to heal.
  • Live in the present moment – only by being fully present, can the lessons be revealed. If we forfeit our present, in order to relive the past or worry about the future, we are jeopardising our healing.
  • Know that you are never alone – even if you feel alone in the physical world; there is so much support around us ALWAYS in the spiritual world. All you have to do is ask.


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