1:1 Emotional Support Session


During this welcoming, non-judgemental space, I offer 1:1 facilitation to help you process overwhelming emotions like stress, anxiety, loss, fear (or any emotion for that matter).

As adults, unfortunately in our society we’re not given the tools and skills to help us process our emotions. We often suppress, deny, hide, avoid, ignore or run from them. That’ll only work for so long before something happens. We can implode or explode! All emotions are telling us information, but we must learn to be able to feel, observe and witness an emotion (non-judgementally) in order to heal it.

During these 30 minute laser sessions, I will offer this facilitation. I will invite you to share the ‘heaviest’ emotion you are feeling, and then I will guide you through a process using a mix of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), meditation and mindfulness to help shift it.

These sessions are all about emotional wellbeing facilitation – sharing tools and skills to help you learn to experience and process emotions.

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The benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique (aka Tapping) has been scientifically proven to reduce overwhelm and anxiety by up to 60% in a matter of minutes, and the benefits of meditation and mindfulness have long been studied and proven.

Benefits you can expect after a session;

  • Reduce cortisol (stress hormone)
  • Calm the amygdala in the brain (the fight or flight response)
  • Reduce feelings of fear, overwhelm or anxiety
  • Expand perspective
  • Build emotional intelligence
  • Release tension from your body – feel calmer & lighter

As a person who used to be afraid to ‘feel’, I can honestly say that learning to allow our emotions is so powerful for our overall health and wellbeing. Energy needs to be able to flow freely through our bodies (failure leads to dis-ease). Releasing lower vibration emotions like fear, panic, stress, anxiety, worry is super important for our body. EFT or Tapping is just one tool that helps to do this by tapping on different meridian points on our bodies & using language to honour how we’re feeling, and then shifting it.

With practice we notice we are not our emotions, we can detach from the story and actually learn from them. They are constantly rising and passing away, but we often identify or attach to them because we’ve never been taught how to experience them!

Learn more about the benefits of EFT here.


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